Thursday, March 29, 2012

"S" Is For My Son Steve

Yes I have a son... his name is Steve and he is much loved! 

One Week Old

Nine Months

Steve is now a loving husband, father, son!

A mother can not ask for more!

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  1. lovely! heartwarming! I enjoyed the photos and your comments.

  2. Such a sweet post! You have a handsome son and he has a super family! Enjoy your weekend. I hope you come visit. That darn linky will not accept my S post at Jenny's! Drat!

  3. Funny how much as an adult he resembles the photo of him at 9 months. Awesome to have a son...especially one who is much loved!

  4. What a lovely post...and such an attractive young family. I can understand why you are so proud of him!

    Thank you for stopping by to visit me. Have a great day!

  5. I will be well satisfied if my lads become loving husbands and fathers as well as sons!

  6. Steve looks like a splendid son!

    His son really resembles his younger pictures. It's hard to imagine how time goes by so quickly, isn't it?

    thanks for a super link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "S".




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