Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just want everyone who is doing Wordless Wednesday to know that I didn't follow the direction correctly. I don't have a picture for today promise to do better next week. Thanks for stopping today.

Bird Nest Giveaway

Barb at Barbs Treasures makes these beautiful bird nests and she is giving one away. Simply tell her two things you are thankful for on her February 21 post, and you are entered.

Enter twice by posting about the giveaway on your blog.

Drawing ends midnight Feb 28th.
Winners announced March first!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday and My Grandson

Happy Monday Everyone! It's afternoon now and I spent the morning in blog land catching up on all my favorite bloggers!

I've been trying to teach myself Paint Shop Pro. It's a photo editing program plus you can do many other things with it. I'm trying to learn to do backgrounds for my website and blogger. I keep thinking it can't be that hard to learn but it is! So I did this tutorial taking two picture and putting an object from one on the other and this is how it turned out.

That's my grandson Nathan (isn't he just the cutest little thing with that red hair!) and I put that chicken it his picture. Worked out kinda neat..so if you ever need a chicken but in one of your pictures just send it to me hopefully I'll be able to follow the directions again! Have a great day.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pink Saturday In Dining Room

I was just getting ready to put my feet up and enjoy a movie on TV when I remember that I needed to do my blog post for Pink Saturday! Thank goodness for digital camera's! So we're in the dinning room again and the photos are of my fireplace mantle. I had thought it looked pretty good until I saw the photos...it needs something else maybe some greenery. I'm not sure what do you think. Maybe something draped over mirror - give me some ideas.

Almost everything on display was bought at a garage sale, estate sale or thrift store. The three candle holders came from a thrift shop and the sea shells from a estate sale. There must be 30 pounds of seashells and I only paid $5. You have seen that teapot on another post it's by Sadler.

Yes I do love flowers especially hand painted roses.

This Swarovski crystal pineapple was a wedding gift see how pretty the reflections are on the wall. It's sitting on a pretty little pedestal crystal dish which I can't remember
where it came from.

Love the look of candles but don't burn them often both my husband and I have allergies and the smell of candles bothers us. Just picked up that old clock face last weekend at a sale.

So give me some ideas what else I can do to make my mantle look more finished.

Stop over at Bev's at How Sweet The Sound for the list of more then 150 bloggers who are participating in Pink Saturday. Thank you for visiting!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day on Pink Saturday

First I want to wish all of you a very wonderful Valentine's Day! My sweetie and I will be staying at home with a bottle of bubbly and a good meal..of course I'll be making the meal! I found this Pink Valentine greeting and knew it was perfect for PINK SATURDAY.

Today's the day I'll show you some of the Pink in my diningroom. This pink and red rose oil painting came from an estate sale (my favorite way to shop). Usually I go to an estate sale in the afternoon when everything is half price then I'm not tempted to spend too much $$. As soon as I got there this painting was mine...then I found

This china with roses on it, a service for 12 with all the serving pieces WOW was I excited and half price just a great buy. The china was made in Germany by Edelstein also has Bavaria, Maria-Theresia and the pattern is Moss Rose. Of course some pieces are missing and there are some chips but I feel very lucky to have found this set.

Here is a photo of plate and cup and saucer. Oh and the pink roses on the wall is a tatouage (not sure I spelled that right) it comes on a paper and you use a stick to rub it on wall.
It's really very lovely.

The diningroom is the room in my house with the most pink so I'll be sharing more with you on the next Pink Saturday. You can find everyone who's particpating in Pink Saturday over at Bev's be sure and stop by.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Flea Market 2/13

It's winter, cold and no garage sales on Saturday's and I miss the thrill of the hunt! There was an Estate sale last weekend but it was a fairly new house and there was no old stuff... that's what I look for. There is another sale this weekend and it's in a older neighborhood so I can't wait to get there.

I've listed some things on my website this week. There are some vintage honeycomb Valentines that came from the collection of a teacher given to him by his students, probably in the 1930's. I've added a category Friday Flea Market with items that are priced especially well!

Vintage Honeycomb Valentine

White porcelain picture frame.

Prismacolor colored pencils. SOLD

Sweet miniture elfs, drawfs.

You can check out all the shoppes that are participating in Friday Flea Market just click the button on the right. Please I always love to hear from you so leave a comment!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Phipps Conservatory Orchid Exhibit

I've been wanting to share some photos I took at the Phipps Conservatory Orchid Exhibit here in Pittsburgh. I was going to put up a slide show but decided 108 pictures was a bit much! It was a very relaxing day strolling with friends through the Phipps...very warm and cozy with temperatures in the teens outside. What a pleasure to find some Chihuly Glass that people have donated to the Phipps. The Chihuly Glass exhibit was there last fall but I didn't have my camera then.

I hope you enjoyed these photos. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think. It's alway nice to hear from you.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pink Stuff on Saturday

I've been really busy the last few weeks setting up my new computer
and it is wonderful very, very fast compared to my old one!

So I cheated a little and search the net to find some pink stuff.

You have to love a big old pink caddy!

This is called a pink victorian relief which means I don't know what it is but it is pink!

Isn't this a cute girl in pink!

And my favorite pink roses!

Stop by Beverly's and check out all the pink stuff this week.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pittsburgh Steelers Victory Parade

I live in Pittsburgh but my daughter who lives in Arizona emailed me these pictures. A friend works in Pittsburgh and took most of these from her office building. Kind of neat!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Way to Go Steelers!!

We Pittsburgh Steeler fans are very, very happy! Congratulations Steeler!


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