Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation: Million Dollar You

Yes I did it...signed up for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation. Did everyone see / listen to his show on Monday about lossing weight and a chance to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS? OMG I went to Weight Watchers today to get my initial weigh-in then I signed up at Dr. Oz's web site and now I'm ready to change my life!!

Why don't we all do this together and start living a healthy lifestyle. Here is a email to all of you from Dr. Oz.

Hi, it's Dr. Oz!

I am excited to tell you that your friend just joined Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation: Million Dollar You and they want YOU to sign up, too! You will have a chance to compete for $1,000,000 when you complete my simple 7-step plan to transform your weight and your health once and for all. Remember, the power to transform yourself begins with YOU – and getting the encouragement and support from a friend makes it that much better!

The best part of the plan – it's all FREE. You'll get valuable tools from my partners at Weight Watchers and Sharecare. Sign up today for your shot at $1,000,000! It's time to get healthy with all your friends and loved ones. Let's change the health of America, starting with YOU!

Dr. Mehmet Oz


Even if we don't win the $$'s a healthy life style and some weight loss is a big incentive!

Warm hugs,

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dahlias, Dahlias and more Dahlias

Recently I joined a local garden club and last night we went on a "field trip" to tour Alpha Dahlias in Sewickley, PA.  Wow what a great place Evy Rogers has and here are lots of photos I took of the most beautiful dahlias!

 Some of these dahlias are over 5 foot high! I'm linking up at these fun blog parties.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Road Trip to Presque Isle, Erie PA

Seems like all I do is say I'm sorry for not posting...again! We did some interesting things this summer and I never did a post about our "Road Trips" until now.

We went to Presque Isle, Erie PA had not been there in many years probably 4 or 5. The beach area still looked the same

There is something so relaxing just being on the beach even if you don't go in the water.  Visiting Presque Isle brought back lots of memories of being a kid and going there every July for vacation with Mom & Dad and us 5 kids!  I don't know how my Mom packed everything for 7 of us in a Chevy!  I guess they did have big trunks then!  We would stay at a small old motel then go to the beach early every morning and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on the beach.  Boy did we ever get sun burned! We sure did have a good time..really miss those days sometimes.

Warm hugs,


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