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Sometime This Happens

Does this ever happen to you? 


 I always tell my husband "Mom" is just trying to keep him in line!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vintage Treasures Bin 1

This year I'm going to work / list my way thru the 35 plus bins in my basement!  These photos where taken the beginning of January and today I still have one more item item from this bin to list on Ebay.  At this rate it will probably take me 20 years or more to get everything listed!!  Oh yes and that is if I don't buy any more treasures...and we all know that is not possible!

OMG I already have my sales picked out for this Saturday....okay so my kids will be left with a basement full of bins with all kinds of junk in them...it will be their inheritance!

Vintage coasters with rose design perfect for a shabby home

Pyrex bowl

Nippon Lemonade or Apple Cider Pitcher

51 Vintage Christmas Tree Light Reflectors

Peach Lustreware Punch Bowl with 17 Cups

Kassoy Finger Ring Sizer

German Beer Stein Punch Cups Mugs

Fire King Mugs Handpainted Children's Design

The above is just a few things from Bin 1...some have already sold.

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