Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unusual Sights Along the Road

This is on the side of a gas station - convenience store I must have passed it 100's of times.  It appears to be hand painted ...but why elephants...that's Pittsburgh in the background.

Very interesting!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

End of Summer Garden

These are a few photos taken in August of my garden...of course I didn't show you all the weeds!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

The "TICK" Got Me!

Two days after my last post in August I was in the emergency room with heart problems..afib and heart block two caused by Lyme Disease. In March a tick bit me but I never imagined that something so serious would come from that bite.

Heart block two can be caused by Lyme Disease and since I had seen my doc in March about the tick bite they tested my blood and it came back positive. So I've been on antibiotics for about six weeks now and I'm really scared the treatment won't take care of the Lyme Disease. My cardiologist has me on blood thinner (warfarin) since afib can cause a stroke. Also there was some talk about giving me a pace maker but decided not now. Next Wednesday I have an appointment with a infectious disease doc so he can decide if I'm getting the correct treatment or if other drugs should be added. Then in early October back to the heart doc.

 I hate this!!! I've seen more docs in the last two months than in the previous two years. I'm hardly ever sick and don't have any major illnesses. What's really scary is the doctors don't seem to know much about Lyme Disease guess they don't see much of it here in Pittsburgh it's mostly in the wooded areas not in the city (which is where I live). If my original doctor had put me on antibiotics last March when I saw her I would not be having this problem. Needless to say I have switch docs because I might have punched her in the nose if I saw her again!!

Lyme Disease is a horrid disease it can cause problems for every part of a persons body, been doing too much research on the internet and it has really frightened me.  Has anyone else had any problems with Lyme Disease?  I could really use some positive reinforcement.

This is what will happen to future intruders ticks in my garden 

Source: pxleyes.com via Shabby on Pinterest


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