Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Can you guess the word for today?

Did you guess yet? Here's a hint!

Visit Dixie blog to check at all participating in Wordless Wednesday.


  1. Well - at first I thought it was HUNK. Then I got to the doggies and thought it must be LOVE. Then I saw the bears and surmised SMELL??

    So, my guess is "I think I smell a hunk that I love!"

    Wadda-ya think? Did I even come close?

  2. I say Fine Guys! The Doggies say OK I want a smack, bears really liked that smack! See them smile!

  3. Well.. the only word that I thought at first was "MINE"... meaning "ALL MINE!" ha! ha!... but you've thrown me off with all the animals??
    Oh well.. (0:

  4. Ester... you made my little ole' southern heart go pitter-patter when I saw that first S&P... whew... and now a hot flash! stop! stop!

    oh.. and I liked the shakers too!

    happy WW!

  5. Too funny!Why is that men are sexy is salt and pepper?

  6. Yeppers... one of each please!! :)

  7. I know it is Salt and Pepper but I think Hot must be in there somewhere. Also love the black bears so much.

    The Raggedy Girl

  8. Hi Esther
    You certainly know how to make a gal smile .
    Happy Wordless Wednesday to you.
    Have a fantastic rest of the week.

  9. Lovely! Cool pictures and hot guys!...Christine

  10. What a great take on Salt & Pepper! I almost posted a picture of my husband's hair on my blog!

  11. Richard Geer is my #1 guy and I don't care if his hair is salt and pepper..the guy could go bald and I would still see him as #1 in my eyes. Thanks for sharing the salt and pepper shakers but I like the #1 eye candy photo.

  12. Love me some Taylor Hicks...I had almost forgotten about him!!!

    Great post...too cute!!!

    Have a wonderful WW!!!

  13. I was thinking Testosterone. LOL Fun game! Cute guys. I like Richard Gere too. If I'm ever flicking the TV and Pretty Woman is on and nothing else I'll fall for it almost every time - ya know one of those times when ya just want to kick back and stare instead of having to do something?

  14. oohh lala!! I love those salt & peppers! :) Now that would be quite a collection!

  15. hey!!! I think I have a linkey this week...but not quite sure...please give it a try!!!! have a great weekend!!

  16. Hubba hubba???? :-)


  17. Oh my, the news man is the ONE!!! Can't remember his name shame on me! Cute site, Lori

  18. this is funny! i've never heard of "wordless wednesday" but you sure do have great taste in men ~ lol! anderson cooper is the hunky newscaster, but sorry, i don't think any of us gals are of his liking!

    anyway, i'm intrigued, i'll have to read on and find out what the word is, i too thought hunk!

    xo heidi



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