Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pink Dogwood on Pink Saturday

On my street a few houses from mine is a beautiful pink dogwood tree. Today I was going to take a picture for PINK Saturday but I forgot..so I had to do a google search and I found these photos. They do look just like the one on my street. This year all the spring flowering trees look just beautiful.
Our hostess for PINK Saturday is Beverly at How Sweet the Sound . Thanks Beverly for doing a great job of keeping all of us on schedule for these PINK Saturday events.
Have a very wondeful weekend!


  1. How beautiful, like a magical glade. The pink dogwood has to be one of nature's most lovely little trees.

  2. Wow!! What pretty photos!!! I am in awe of the pink dogwood tree and now I really want one in my yard to enjoy!!! Gorgeous, bet you love passing your neighbor's house when it's in full bloom.
    Have a Pretty in Pink Saturday!!
    ♥ Teresa

  3. Wonderful post for this l♥vely Pink Saturday. This is one morning of the week that I sit back, stroll from blog to blog and indulge myself surrounded by my favorite color.

    I wish you a blessed weekend filled with sunshine and surrounded by those you l♥ve.

  4. I LOVE pink dogwood! We don't have any here (Las Vegas) but I remember it from growing up in the Pacific Northwest.

  5. My very favorite in the world, the dogwood. Your pictures are wonderful and the colors are amazing, thankyou and Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  6. Thank you for visiting with me and leaving a comment, sugar!!!! If you love the blog then add me to your favorites as you won't want to miss some future ones I'm planning now. This I can PROMISE you!

    The dogwoods are beautiful. I love them but wish they would last a bit longer than they actually do.

    Happy pink saturday, chickee!


  7. OH!!! WOW!! I love pink dogwood! What a beaufiful PINK post today!!!! Thanks for stoppin' by my site as well!!!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  8. Exquisite dogwood photos! Lovely idea. Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Oh gorgeous. We just planted 4 dogwoods a few weeks ago. They are growing slowly. We got them very young and healthy so we will literally watch them go from itty bitty on up. Lovely pic.

  10. Such breathtaking pictures of pink dogwoods. You're right, all the dogwoods have been spectacular this season.....some of our blooms were as big a saucers. I can't remember ever seeing them grow so large before. Must be the abundance of rain we've been getting.

    Happy Pink Saturday,

  11. Beautiful pink dogwood - how gorgeous! Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. What beautiful trees! Thanks for sharing & Happy Pink Saturday.


  13. Pink Dogwoods certainly ARE gorgeous trees, TFS these lovely pics!
    ~*Happy Pink Saturday*~

  14. Beautiful tree! We have a white dogwood. I hope it's that pretty someday. Have a great weekend!

  15. Your Dogwood is just beautiful! Dogwood is my husband favorite tree and I am going to call him to see this beauty! Wish our yard could handle another tree!

  16. Lovely pink flowers and that Tree!!!!
    Don't you want one?

  17. I adore those pink flowers, hope that you had a great PS.

    L x

  18. Lovely, lovely images. Thanks for stopping by my blog - HPS (happy pink Saturday)! xJ

  19. Hi Esther, you are very fortunate to have such truly lovely blossoms so close to home. There are quite a few gorgeous trees in flowers around Guernsey at the moment but I need to drive away from the coast (where we live) and go inland to find them. I can’t complain really it is only a few minutes – no where is far in Guernsey ;) Have a fabulous pink Saturday.

  20. Pink Dogwoods are my favorite trees!
    The pictures are so pretty! Have a wonderful PINK day...Julie

  21. Oh I want a pink Dogwood tree. The ones in my yard are white. I love dogwoods but this year am very envious of pink ones!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  22. ~Hi~
    Fantastic photographs of Pink dogwood trees. Happy belated Pink Saturday.
    Joyce M

  23. One of my favorites, the pink is so pretty. Happy Pink Saturday.

  24. I'm still visiting everyone who particiapted in Saturday's pinkness.

    I love the dogwood blooms. Do you know the story behind the dogwood tree?

    Have a great day!

  25. I love the pink Dogwood. Have you ever seen the Red dogwood. It is so different.
    I am taking part in a fun meme called 8 Things, I'd like you to take part if you want to, Stop by my blog and check it out.

  26. the pictures are lovely...i think dogwood is one of the prettiest trees!!!

  27. Oh, I love my pink dogwood surrounded by all the white ones. Gorgeous. Have a blessed Mother's day. TTFN ~ Marydon

  28. Thnak you for your kind and good wishes for Larry. I have been very behind with blogging but am glad to have a bit more time now. That tree is stunning! It has made me want to see if I can obtain one here. It is so beautiful. I love your little Easter chicks.
    Have a good weekend
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  29. oh my the pink dogwoods are beautiful.
    Have a happy mother's day.



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