Saturday, May 9, 2009

PINK Saturday

It's hard for me to believe that PINK Saturday is here! I've decided that I'm going to put in lots of pink impatients this year and some white ones. A lot of my yard is in the shade most of the day and impatients do very well and are so cheerful!

This beautiful rose is from a bush that was already in the yard when we bought the house and it's still going great!

I love this clematis but it didn't do very well last year hopefully it will do better this year.

This is a woolly lamb that I've needle felted. Poking the wool hundreds of times with a needle is a great stress reliever! I think she turned out kinda cute. I have many more things I've needle felted recently and will start putting them on here for you to see.

Since my husband Jim's illness we are home together every day and my life so different - I'm sure there are other words I could use but yes everything is different!! If I go out he goes with me, if he needs to go some where I go with him because he is not driving yet. He had a heart catheter on Tuesday and oh what a stressful day that was. His appointment was at 10:00 am and they didn't take him in until 3:15 so we didn't leave the hospital until almost 9:00. His arteries are clean, his heart is still pumping at 20% and his blood pressure is very high and the Doc wants him to have a defibrillator put in. Jim is not sure he want one put in..he want another opinion so now we wait for another appointment.

Please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to visit other PINK blogs!

Warm wishes for a Happy Mother's Day,


  1. Your pink flowers are gorgeous, and I love that soft little lambie!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!
    ♥ Teresa

  2. I love all your pink flowers..... your yard must be beautiful. I wish the best for your husband...it is always stressful to have health issues.
    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  3. Happy Pink Saturday and Have a great Mother's Day ~ Susan

  4. Hi Esther,

    I am an avid gardener so I am really enjoying your Pink Saturday post. My clematis did terrible last year too and my Morning Glories. I have my fingers crossed for a better looking garden this summer. It was not up to par last summer that's for sure.

    I can't wait to see more garden pictures in the weeks to come. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely garden.

    xo Cathy

  5. Such a l♥vely post for Pink Saturday. This is the one day of the week when I get to visit some of the best blogs in cyberspace and indulge my passion for pink.

    Happy Mother's Day. I wish you all the peace and joy that a day in celebration of motherhood can bring. You don't have to grow a baby in your womb to be a mother...all you have to do is to l♥ve a human being with compassion and tenderness.

  6. WOW!! Your flowers are gorgeous. I love your blog banner, so pretty.Happy Pink Saturday and wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day.

  7. Love that pink rose ... what is the name of it, please. I am a huge gardener. My clematis did terrible last year. I have a purple & a pink & a white.

    I, too, changed my hubby's life when I went into congestive heart failure in my mid-50s. My hubby retired to care for me, had to go everywhere & do everything for me. It was a terrible 3 yrs. I am fine now with special medical surgery. My life has changed so nicely for the better. It is a big change to go thru, I hope your husband gets the treatment he needs. It can truly change his life, & yours. There ae so manny wonderful treatments out there.

    Have a lovely Mother's Day. God bless, I'll say a prayer things go well. Let me know, please.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  8. I love your pink flowers! I have lots of impatiens planted in pots on my porch. Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. I will send up prayers for wellness for hubs and comfort and strength for you. It's difficult going through these times i'm sure.

    Your flowers are gorgeous. Truly.

  10. Everything is so pretty and then you get to the lamb and a bad hair day!!! So cute, Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mothers Day too, Char

  11. Oh my.......your little lamb is just the cutest darn thing. You couldn't look at that little cutie-patootie and not smile.....ADORABLE...

    Happy Mother's Day!


  12. I'm still visiting from Pink Saturday. Your flowers are beautiful!
    I'm praying for you and your husband.

    Thanks for your sweet comments and for becoming a follower! I'm thrilled when anyone does that!

    Enjoy your week!

  13. Your roses are outstanding. I too have a clematis that didn't do well last year and it seems to be growing rapidly. Hopefully this will be its year.

  14. Knock Knock, it's MaidenShade Visiting!

    Just stopped by to say "bonjour", and to offer a belated Pink Saturday response as I had a minor operation and got behind. Your blog is just lovely!


  15. Hi, thanks so much for the kind visit. I love your flower picutures and the little lamb i she cutest thing I have seen in a while. TTFN

  16. Love your Pink roses..
    And your woolly lamb.. Too Cute..

    Thanks so much for stopping by to enter my giveaway.. Best of luck to ya..

    I do hope your hubby is back to his 'old' self very soon..

  17. Love the Pinks and the wonderful lamb, good wishes being sen to you and Jim for his improved health.Lindax

  18. Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a great weekend ~ Susan

  19. Lovely pink flowers, the rose certainly IS gorgeous, clematis and roses blend so well together.
    Sending healing wishes to you and your husband!
    ~*Happy Pink Saturday*~

  20. Beautiful flowers my friend...prayers coming your way your way for your DH and you...I added you to my follow list and Thank you for being one of mine..I look forward to getting to know you...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  21. Hi Esther, first time visiting. Your roses are gorgeous, love the briht pink impatients too. A friend of mine had a defibrillator put in and is doing very very well.
    Prayers to your family, Happy Pink Saturday.

  22. Hi Esther,
    I was leaving you a comment but then it disappeared...go figure! lol!

    I loved your rose bush. The bloom is very large. Your little lamb is adorabe and I sometimes wake up in the morning looking just like that but not as cute though...lol!

    I hope Jim's second opinion is what he hopes for. My prayers go out to you both.

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday
    Deanna :D

  23. Hi Esther, Thanks so much for stopping by the cottage give-away. I hope your husband is doing great. I love all your felted creatures. Have a great day! ~ Lynn

  24. HI Esther..
    OH I love the flowers and the needle felted sheepy- it is darling ~!!
    I have made afew of those and I know how many needle pricks it takes(:) LOL
    You are the SPOOL/Pincushion winner ~!!
    Just email me your address an as soon as I can walk again I will mail it out ok..may be a month or so.. but I will remember (:)
    my email is:
    big hugs,Patty

  25. Hi Esther ~

    Lovely gardens full of pink! What a treasure for you as you all heal.

    Best wishes to you all ~
    xo Heidi

  26. I adore the lamb! your work is wonderful! Love the spool pin you one!



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