Friday, April 17, 2009

Today was a sunny day here in Pittsburgh. A little cool this morning but it warmed into the high sixties this afternoon. I decided to work in the yard this afternoon and believe me there is a lot of work to do. This first box was delivered a few days ago from QVC inside are 3 clematis plants. QVC makes it much to easy to order and sometimes I'm very good at it. But their guarantee is very good! Then today I received an email telling me 10 begonia bulbs, 2 climbing rose bushes and 2 wisteria plants where shipped!!

Now this box came a few weeks ago from Michigan Bulb company. I've never order from them before but everything looked lovely in the catalogue. There are lots of plants in this box. Those white bags have 3 bare root plants in each! Some of the plants are: Hardy Tall Phlox, Mixed Lupines, Mixed Foxglove, there is a Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden, and a Hot Spot Garden.
I did get some planted today but it will take some time to get them all in the ground.

This next photo is of the little garden space off my back patio it sure looks sad. I should paint the fence this year and that wall could use some fixing.

Some more fence and my back patio. Lots of cleaning, painting and fixing up to do here.

I bought this arbor about a month and it's been here killing the grass! Another project that needs done before those climbing roses get here.

I did plant some daffodils a few weeks ago they were 1/2 price at Walmart.
It's always nice to plant the bulbs when blooming then I know where they are.

This part of the garden has been in for 2 years. Still needs lots of work. That shrub on the left is a knock out rose it sure is pretty and blooms all summer. I'm putting markers in for all the new plants so I know what they are or get my money back if they don't come up.
That pine tree is my neighbors and makes a big mess to clean up plus makes too much shade.

Thanks to everyone who sent wishes for my husband Jim's quick recovery. He came home on Monday and feels some what better but it will take time to build up his strength. He is now on six different medications and who knows what that may be doing to his system.
Warm wishes for a wonderful weekend!


  1. Once the plants are in and blooming, it's funny, but it sure perks up a yard, and the fence leaning won't look sad anymore, it will look charming! The miracle of flowers...

  2. best wishes for your husband!!! how fun that you started working in your garden...it is still a little too cold and raining here for me to want to start...we actually had a little bit of snow blowing around today...happy planting to you!!!

  3. I never thought about buying plants from QVC? Hope your hubby is doing well. Delightful blog!

  4. Oh my gosh I have garden envy I do. Tomorrow I think the hubs and I will go buy a couple more plants to put in. We are starting slow as man the cost add don't they. I can't wait til next year when I think about an arbor or trellis & gate.... visions swirling in my head!! The joy. Take lots of pictures to share.

  5. Dear Esther...I'm soooo inspired by all the plants I see. I do not have a green thumb but I'm TRYING my best to get some things to grow. I've always concentrated on the INSIDE of my home and sadly the outside, though sweet, needs some serious attention!

    I can't wait to see all you do! Thank you for sharing...I WANT AN ARBOR, TOO!!




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