Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

This has been a very stressful week but things have gotten better now so I decided to share. Last weekend my husband started to have some heart problems call a fibrillation he's had this before so he was sure he could get his heart beating correctly without going to the MD. So we (I) had 4 days of hell while he did all his home therapies. When I woke up on Wednesday he finally said he was ready to go to the emergency room and he has been in the hospital since then. They ran all kinds of test and we found out that his heart is only pumping at 20% which is very scary. They figure he had a fibrillation for a long time without knowing it and it caused damage to his heart. What makes me so angry is the fact that he has not been to the doctor since 1995 and my saying he should go to get regular check ups did not good...maybe the damage to his heart could have been prevented with regular medical care. There I've said it and hopefully I can let go of this anger! I really don't understand men sometimes they think they are invincible but he must realize he's 69 now and must take care of himself. Well the good news is today his heart started beating normal! They started a new medication yesterday and it is working. If all goes well he should be home on Monday or Tuesday. The doctors hope that with continued treatment his heart will improve.

So while I've been visiting with him in the hospital I've done some more needle felting. These are some gift for my sister and sister-in-law for Easter. Don't they all have cute Easter bonnets.

I'm sending everyone very warm wishes for a Happy Easter!


  1. Those are just adorable felted chicks!

    As to your husband, you are wise to let go of the anger. I can tell you, as someone with heart problems including fib/tachy, that going to the doctor might not have gotten him anywhere anyway. Not defending it, just saying, sometimes you can go and it gets you nowhere but in debt, and no further along medically. It's a constant battle for me to even get the meds I need -- doctors are not what they are cracked up to be --

  2. Thinking of you! yes, your bonnets are adorable.

  3. shake him ! till he listens...I know kicking doesn't work, pinching works sometimes. I hear your frustration, hang in there.

  4. I know exactly how you feel!!! My husband never goes to the doctor until the final hour. I don't understand why men are like this either, but I think that it is more common than we think. I hope that he is well soon.

  5. Hi Esther, The chicks are the most adorable little bundles of cuteness I have ever seen. You are a genius with felt. Your grand daughters are beautiful and you are right to be so proud of them. I hope your husband will respond well to the treatment and I second your anger at men and caring for their health and well being. Mr. Margie had to have a heart procedure last month so I know about the stresses and worries. Thank you for visiting Margie's Crafts and leaving your lovely comment, I hope to see you there again. Margie.

  6. Esther,
    Sure hope your hospital days will soon be over. Those are not fun places. Loving your needle felting ~ think some shopping is in my furture.
    ~one vintage hag

    oh, thanks for registering for my little blog giveaway... it's been fun.

  7. Esther,
    love your felt chicks!
    Hope your husband gets well soon.
    Thanks for visiting, too, and for your lovely comment.

  8. You just have to let it go. Oh the things i've been angry with and then realized it was hurt and pain in disguise. You are probably deep down just really scared you could've lost him. Go give that man a hug and just tell him how very grateful you are that he went to the doctors... leave out the negative stuff. Go to him with a gracious heart and you'll feel better. I promise.

    Your chickies are adorable.



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