Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pink Saturday In Dining Room

I was just getting ready to put my feet up and enjoy a movie on TV when I remember that I needed to do my blog post for Pink Saturday! Thank goodness for digital camera's! So we're in the dinning room again and the photos are of my fireplace mantle. I had thought it looked pretty good until I saw the photos...it needs something else maybe some greenery. I'm not sure what do you think. Maybe something draped over mirror - give me some ideas.

Almost everything on display was bought at a garage sale, estate sale or thrift store. The three candle holders came from a thrift shop and the sea shells from a estate sale. There must be 30 pounds of seashells and I only paid $5. You have seen that teapot on another post it's by Sadler.

Yes I do love flowers especially hand painted roses.

This Swarovski crystal pineapple was a wedding gift see how pretty the reflections are on the wall. It's sitting on a pretty little pedestal crystal dish which I can't remember
where it came from.

Love the look of candles but don't burn them often both my husband and I have allergies and the smell of candles bothers us. Just picked up that old clock face last weekend at a sale.

So give me some ideas what else I can do to make my mantle look more finished.

Stop over at Bev's at How Sweet The Sound for the list of more then 150 bloggers who are participating in Pink Saturday. Thank you for visiting!


  1. Beautiful mantle.i have never been pleased with mine.It just needs something.If it were deeper,I could put other things on it.But the skinny things i have just somehow don't ever look good.
    I love those plates.Outstanding.Great post...Ann

  2. Lovely mantle! Thanks for sharing all your treasures and tales.

    Happy Pink Saturday

  3. I just l♥ve Pink Saturday. Not only is it my favorite color, I get to see all of the beautiful blogs created by some of the most artistic people on the web. Thanks so much!

  4. Love the pineapple! Happy Pink day!


  5. Happy Pink Saturday Esther
    Love the rose plates!


  6. I think it looks very nice. I loved seeing all your great finds. Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Your pink plates are just gorgeous!


  8. I think your mantle is very pretty; maybe you could drap a lace runner along the edge? Or crocheted lace? I'm no decorator; my mantle is plain! Nothing is on it. I love looking at everyone's beautiful posts for inspiration, though. Maybe I'll decorate my mantle this week. I love the seashells and the lovely rose plate. Happy pink day!

  9. thanks for visiting.

    some of did myself - but I purchase a lot on Etsy from paperpanache1, birdsofafeather and YourAngil

    they all have beautiful products - well crafted - and fair pricing!

    enjoy your day

  10. Thanks Esther for the welcome to Pink Saturday! I have allergies to candles too. I'm going to look for some of those with the little lights. Love all your pink, and the pink china in the lower post is gorgeous! ♥

  11. See, you were all set to cuddle in and relax and then it hit you that you had to list for Pink Saturday! I think we need to join a 12 Step Program for bloggers! But those groups have leaders who are in remission. Do you know anyone who is in remission from blog obsession? I don't...sigh.

  12. Hi, frankly I love your mantle, everything is perfectly preportioned. The only thing I'd suggest is what Loretta said, add a lace runner or crocheted lace, to the back to gently flow over the edge. But me I'd leave it as is. Love your plaTES and crystal candle holders, so elegent. I wish I had a mantle. We have a fireplace but Dear Hubby closed it up and added wood burning heater...Grrrrr, so no mantle, just brick wall.

  13. ♥Happy Belated Pink Saturday♥

  14. It looks very pretty, maybe some vines intertwined with your beautiful items to go along with the nature them with your shells. And maybe some little bird nests. Just a thought. Happy belated pink Saturday.

  15. Greenery is always appropriate and would probably help to bring all your lovely pieces together.



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