Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday and My Grandson

Happy Monday Everyone! It's afternoon now and I spent the morning in blog land catching up on all my favorite bloggers!

I've been trying to teach myself Paint Shop Pro. It's a photo editing program plus you can do many other things with it. I'm trying to learn to do backgrounds for my website and blogger. I keep thinking it can't be that hard to learn but it is! So I did this tutorial taking two picture and putting an object from one on the other and this is how it turned out.

That's my grandson Nathan (isn't he just the cutest little thing with that red hair!) and I put that chicken it his picture. Worked out kinda neat..so if you ever need a chicken but in one of your pictures just send it to me hopefully I'll be able to follow the directions again! Have a great day.


  1. I use Paint Shop Pro! I have PhotoShop as well. But I like PSP best, I think you'll love it! Good job with the chicken!

  2. That grandson of yours is ADORABLE! You must just l♥ve spending time with him...the chicken is pretty cute, too!

    You're getting pretty good with your photo editing program. Probably a lot better than I would be!



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