Friday, December 19, 2008

Flea Market Friday

Yesterday I was having computer problems the darn thing kept freezing! I finally gave up and shut everything down. So I didn't get anything listed for Flea Market Friday...sorry.

Today I had plans; lunch with my sister at Olive Garden, take shoes back to Kohl's, make deposit at bank, mail Ebay package, finish gift shopping for 4 more people, shop for cookie making supplies, and pick up meds for colonoscopy. It poured rain here today so I had to take an umbrella, never a fun thing to do. The shoes were right by the door so I won't forget them well I forgot them! Got to the bank but forgot to make copies of checks (which I need to send to treasure of company I do work for) thank goodness the teller was nice and make copies for me. Lunch was good - soup, salad, bread sticks and raspberry cheesecake. That is the best cheesecake! Well I guess everything else when OK but now I'm wondering why I scheduled a colonoscopy two days before Christmas.

Well I'd better go and take pictures of my "pink things" for tomorrow. Bye

1 comment:

  1. Sounds as if you need a "break"...sit back, have a nice hot cup of TEA and a cookie (I baked today)!




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