Monday, July 16, 2012

Garden Hazards!

Seems recently I have only been blogging about my garden which
is really one of my favorite topics!
This year appears to be my year of garden injuries
and three trips to the doctors office.

Early this spring when the weather was unusually warm I took
advantage and did lots of clean up.  
Well one morning I saw something growing on my upper thigh
I tried to pull it off put it was very attached so I just watched it for about 4 days.
Finally my leg seemed to be infected and very warm...
so again I tried to pull it off...and it came off!!
I pushed on it with my finger nail and blood came squirting out
OMG it was a tick!

Now how could I get to be 67 years old and not know what a tick was but I had never seen one.
Yes my doctor saw me right away and we are waiting to see if I get any symptoms of Lyme Disease.
I don't live in a high Lyme Disease area but this year is so unusual and 
there are lots more ticks being seen.

So time goes on and I just keep working in the garden.  The Friday
before Memorial Day about 6:00 in the evening decided do some mulching.
Unfortunately I did not put on my garden shoes but started spreading 
mulch in my flip flops.  I came down on a rusty metal post sticking out of the ground. 
I didn't even realize it was there..... here I go again off the docs office.
Thanks goodness no stitches just bandages, tetanus shot, shot of antibiotics, 
and they prescribed antibiotics for 10 days.
No working in the garden until it's healed!

So now it's the end of June and only been playing in the garden for
about a week...took awhile for my foot to heal.
We had a couple beautiful days cooler with nice breeze and I enjoyed
working ... planting, digging, weeding, mulching whatever needed done..
it felt so good getting everything finished.
Well seems I over did it because a few days latter there was awful pain running
down my right leg..OMG it really hurt!

Yes here we go again to the doctors
Sciatica was the diagnosis taking pain killers, muscle relaxer, using ice...
not sleeping all night, hurts when I lay, sit or if I stand too long!

It's been a little over 3 weeks and the pain is a lot better.
Been to the chiropractor  2 times and that helps.

My husband has been watering the garden but not like me...
and there are weeds everywhere...
oh well I can't bend over very well so they will have to wait.

Thanks for listening to me I really needed to share.

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Warm hugs,

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  1. Goodness, maybe you should just tarmac it all over! Only kidding. Your pictures are beautiful, your garden is clearly thriving. Let's hope now that you have had three mishaps that is an end to them.

  2. Things come in threes, don't they - you should buy a lotto ticket now! I check my dogs for ticks every day, but not myself - thanks for the heads up.xxx

  3. Hope you get well soon. Meanwhile enjoy your lovely garden and rest well.



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