Saturday, February 13, 2010

PINK Saturday - Happy Valentine's Day

How to Say I Love you in Italian  "Ti Voglio Bene"

I don't speak Italian just found this with Google.  Well we all know we can find the answer to anything with Google! Here are a few "love" words in Italian. Go to this site and hear each word spoken in Italian..and surprise your lover or husband! 

· gli abbracci — hugs
· affettuoso — affectionate
· l'amante — lover
· i baci — kisses
· il biglietto d'auguri per San Valentino — Valentine's Day card
· i cioccolatini — chocolates
· il diamante — diamond
· la festa di San Valentino — the festival of Saint Valentine
· il/la fidanzato/a — fiancé/fiancee
· i fiori — flowers
· gli innamorati — lovers
· provocante — provocative, sexy
· sedurre — to seduce
· sessuale — sexual
· le smancerie — over-wrought, cloying sentiments
· il mio tesoro — my darling

These vintage honeycomb valentines were purchased at auction and I paid way too much for them!

Here's another little tidbit about Valentine's Day:

The United States Post Office in Loveland, Colorado, USA, creates a special and one-of-a-kind cancellation stamp every year in order to celebrate Valentine's Day and the romantic name of Loveland, Colorado. The Post Office is now averaging greater than 300,000 Valentines remailed annually including 104 foreign countries and all 50 United States. The cancellation stamp sample shown here is from 1995.

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  1. Esther,
    Beautiful vintage Valentine's! And great info about the postmark!

  2. Congratulazioni Esther! Hai vinto il Gracie Jewellery Giveaway! Please email me in modo da poter indossare il braccialetto davvero presto.

    This is Italian for: Congratulations Esther! You have won the Gracie Jewellery Giveaway! Please email me so you can wear the bracelet really soon.
    Funny how there are some words that don't translate.
    Talk to you soon.

  3. Congrats! on your winning the giveaway, Esther. What a lovely surprise for you on Valentines ...

    Happy Valentine's
    Have a loving weekend.
    Hugs, Marydon

  4. What gorgeous vintage Valentines- the best are vintage, aren't they?
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    OWOH necklace giveaway

  5. Love your vintage Valentine's goodies! Happy Valentine's Day!


  6. The honeycomb valentines are unique. Lovely post-love all the itilian.
    Tin and sparkle

  7. What a great post - I like all the different ways to say, I love you.
    Happy Valentine's To You !
    Happy Pink Saturday !!! and have a lovely
    new week.

  8. I crown you Valentine Queen for the day! I hope you will join another one of my give aways. Maybe in March or April if you like Liddle Kiddle dolls are gnomes...hint, hint...
    You will be receiving a little love token in the mail soon from me...~Jacqueline~

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  10. I love the valentines. If I spoke Italian to my husband, he would tell me to go take my temperature Esther!



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