Friday, July 24, 2009

PINK Saturday - PINK Toilet Paper?

It's Friday night about 11:45 PM and tomorrow is PINK Saturday and I'm not ready..again!! I have lots of PINK things to show you but no photos - my husband and I where out all day playing and we had a good time!
So I searched the net for PINK bathrooms and here are some amazing photos. PINK toilet paper this roll is probably from the 50's - most company's stopped making colored toilet paper back then because doc's said it was bad for our skin.

Here's a pretty PINK toilet maybe I could plant some flowers in it.

These are the most beautiful dresses made from toilet paper!

Eight leading Canadian designers revealed a unique vision of a future without breast cancer, at the Fifth Annual White Cashmere Collection 2008: A Touch of Pink fashion show in Toronto.
An original and breathtaking expression of fashion with compassion, the one-of-a-kind show of BT Couture is entirely crafted from 100 per cent pure, soft and luxurious sheets of pure White Cashmere, Canada’s best-selling bathroom tissue. This year’s collection also includes new, limited-edition Pink Cashmere, Canada’s first coloured bathroom tissue in a decade. Twenty-five cents from the sale of every package will go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

If you want more information to to: Cashmere

How did we ever live without out computers and the internet?

Visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound she has the listing of all (over 150) participants.

Warm wishes,


  1. Isn't it amazing how you can have anything you need on the internet at the click of a button! Beautiful dresses. Happy Pink Saturday and have a loveleigh weekend!

  2. Oh Esther!
    How cute is that? Dresses from tp. Look out if one of the sprinkler alarms go off in the building. We would have wet tp and no dresses for the dearies. Oh My. Wonderful Pink Saturday post. Please stop by and say hi. Country Hugs, Sherry

  3. Esther....what a great post! I wonder how they got those dresses on the models without tearing them???? Very carefully! They are so pretty...especially the first one.

  4. I love the dresses!! These are just amazing :)


  5. Too bad they banned pink toilet tissue, I'd buy it still! Lovely Pink post! Happy Pink Saturday! Suzie

  6. Good thing they banned the colored t-paper cause' if not I would have a bathroom with pink t-paper & not let anyone use it!! LOL!!
    About the dresses..... Forget the t-paper dresses I wish I had their figures!!

  7. ok, that pink toilet paper looks painful, maybe thats why they stopped making it, lol

  8. Happy PS Love all your pinks especially the toilet never saw a pink toilet. LOL

  9. I don't know - my husband and I ask that question daily! The internet is amazing. I love your pink post! Fabulous pink toilet! Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. Hi Esther,
    I would still buy the pink T. Tissue too. Happy Pink Saturday!


  11. Hi Esther, that was a very creative post you pulled together. Not too shabby for a last minute idea! They are incredible dresses, aren't they? I don't remember ever seeing pink toilet paper - I'd buy it if I saw it! Have a great week!

  12. Wow! This is amazing. I never would have though they were made of toilet paper. And the dresses are gorgeous!

    Happy Pink saturday!


  13. Had the Grands for a few days so I am a day late and a dollar short for Pink Saturday! We just had so much fun and time got away from me☺

    But, I didn't want to miss all the pinkness that brings sunshine to my weekend. And, another cool, sun-less day. My gardens look horrible this year. Nothing is growing...sigh.

    So, your sweet blog post is cheering me up! Thanks so much for giving me something pretty to look at other than the dark clouds outside my kitchen window.

  14. Love the pink dresses!! BEAUTIFUL! (It's funny .. Dear Daughter was sitting at a distance from me, and was STILL asing, "Is THAT a pink TOILET?!!" Ha! Ha!) Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend! ~tina

  15. Hi Esther(:)
    I Had frogotten they used tomake colored TP(:) How fun they should bring it back.. Hugs, Patty

  16. Happy Belated PS, Esther! That pink toilet paper scares me! ha! Those paper dresses are amazing! So pretty and so chic!

    Sorry for my late visit! Such a busy weekend and so many lovely pink post to see! I love seeing them all, and do get to each one...eventually! ha!


  17. Hi Esther...

    Aren't you just a sweetie! Thanks so much for being a follower! I can hardly believe anybody would be interested in anything I have to post about! :-) .....but, I'm thrilled, nonetheless!

    I remember colored toilet paper....I used to love the one with the little flowers. Every single roll is white now...darn it all. Pink would be so cute! I don't remember this dark color, but I do remember pale colors. Aren't those dresses something? How do you think they got them on without ripping them?

    Have a wonderful week.




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