Friday, July 10, 2009

Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie Time

It's been a great year for my garden! Maybe it's because I've been fertilizing like Tootsie said I should! Stop at Tootsie's and see the others participating this week. Last year I really trimmed this clematis back and look how beautiful it is this year. Clematis are one of my favorite vines.

These impatients are planted in an old two sides mop bucket.

After all the daisys and daylilies bloom that pretty much it for the perennials.
Hopefully the annuals really start to make a show.

This is my first tipsy pots when you run out of garden space go up.
Saw these tipsy pots at Cindees Garden and decided to give it a try.
Visit Cindees she has some fatastic tipsy pots!

Thanks for visiting this week. Enjoy the summer.

Warm wishes,


  1. I cut my clematis to the ground each year...never thought to leave it alone...as the dead leaves look so dirty!! lol
    Your garden looks fantastic so far!!! I love to visit and see what is growing and blooming in everyone's garden...what a great idea to plant in that mop bucket!
    have a wonderful weekend...thanks for taking the time to play along!

  2. I agree, the mop bucket sounds like a great place to plant - I plant in anything too. I even planted in a hole in an old pot and tilted it. Am I cheap or creative? LOL
    Esther your flowers look great. That wine colored Daylily looks like one I showed last Friday that I don't know the name of.
    Love your Clematis!

  3. your flowers are beautiful! I like your tippy pots too. I'll have to go check out Cindee's. I haven't done too much in planting in unusual pots because I'm concerned about keeping pots watered. Maybe I'll just try it and see what happens.

  4. Your clematis is beautiful! I cut some to the ground and others I don't. Depends on the type. Mine did really well this year.(-; I love them!!!!

    Your mop bucket planter is awesome!! Its so lush and full of color!!!!
    The tipsy planter looks terrific too. Aren't they fun to make?(-:

    My perennials are about done. I am hoping for a big burst of color from the annuals I planted a few weeks ago(-:
    Happy FF!!!!!

  5. Everything looks so great, and I esp. like the clematis and the mop bucket idea :-)

  6. My gardens are spectacular this year... no doubt because of all the rain & cool weather!!
    Love your gardens!!

  7. My gardens are snapping out of the 'funk' from TOO much rain this year. Normally by July they are profuse ... 1/2 way there now, TG!
    Yours are exquisite. TTFN~ Marydon

  8. Your tipsy pots are very cute! And the flowers/plants in front of them are so pretty! ~~Rhonda

  9. Love the tipsy pots, I have one but I live in the windy city (Chicago) and it kept blowing down. Happy FF!
    Beautiful flowers!

  10. I love your tipsy pots...and all of your other flowers are wonderful...

  11. Happy Pink Saturday, Esther! Love the beautiful vintage jewelry! Your tipsy pots are so great! Love your pretty flowers!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  12. I haven't visited in a while! Computer issues! Been reading-not writing! Your garden looks lovely especially that clematis! As a child we always had it climbing the chimney...now I realize I have the perfect spot for it and must get some! Then I want to make the tippy pots!



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