Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crepe Paper Flowers

This picture is of handmade crepe paper roses from Josephine's Journal  !

It's Saturday or should I say "PINK PINK PINK" Saturday! Thinking about what Pink I would share with you I decided everyone might enjoy the info I've been gathering on Crepe Paper Flowers. The February issue of "Romantic Homes" has an article on making crepe paper flowers. It mentioned to find patterns search the internet and I found alot more info than just patterns.

In the early 1900 women would make crepe paper roses, irises, sweet peas and morning glories several months before Memorial Day or Decoration Day, as it was called then, for the decoration of the family graves. If you would like to read the rest of this article and learn more about making crepe paper flowers click on my keep and share site. I enjoyed learning the history of crepe paper flower making and hope you enjoy the articles also.

I also went on Ebay and found two book on How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers published by Dennison Manufacturing Company one is from 1929 and the other 1948. Just received them today and there are directions for making beautiful flowers. Now I'm looking for the crepe paper and plan on making some pink roses! They will be the show and tell for another Pink Saturday.

Also found some crepe paper flower kits at Michaels that are made by Martha Stewart. They were on sale but I still paid way too much for them but at least I'll get to play this weekend. Bye for now, Esther


  1. I recall making crepe paper flowers as a kiddo! Of course, you could never tell exactly what kind of flowers they were---but it kept me busy! M. Stewart had someone on one of her shows who was exceptionally gifted at making them.

    Happy Pink Sat and good luck with your flowers. Dana

  2. Hi Esther,
    What a lovely idea.
    They came out so pretty.

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    ~Melissa :)

  3. Very pretty. Happy Pink Saturday

  4. Wow! They look so realistic! I am hopeless at any type of paper crafts, but if I had any talent, I'd love to make flowers like this! Good luck with your efforts...I bet yours will turn out beautifully. :-)

  5. Thank you Esther for visiting my blog and your kind words. I love these crepe flowers! I don't think I could make them, but would love to try. You probably wouldn't know that it was when I finished! LOL. Thanks for making my first pink Saturday a delight! Hugs, ~~Sheri~~

  6. WOW..they are stunning! I work with fresh flowers everyday...& I must say..these are real beauties! A lost art for sure....you must bring it back!

  7. These are just beautiful, and the history is fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Esther.

  8. Oh how I Love your roses! I've made paper roses using coffee filters, they look something like these lovely crepe Roses. They are such fun to make!
    Blessings ~Mary~:-}

  9. Thank you for the info, I learn so much going from blog to blog. Happy Pink Saturday

  10. Sorry I'm so late in posting my comments...work has taken me on a few travels as of late...but now that I am able, I certainly wanted to "visit".

    Our cottage, The Painted Nest is not abundant in PINK (gasp, I know, LOL) nonetheless the fun continues, as I participated in this past Sat. Pink Posting... :)

    Happy to be here this evening and sharing the information on the paper flowers...I want to give that a try!

  11. One day I am going to make these floweres. Or maybe I should say try to make these pretty flowers.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  12. Thanks for sharing the pretty paper flowers.

    Have a great day,

  13. These are so cute and I love the color choices!

  14. Pretty flowers! Love your blog! Enjoyed my visit!

  15. I can remember making tissue paper roses by the dozen for the Jr. Sr. Prom in high school. We had a flower market scene, and we gave whole bunches to all of the girls who came to the dance. It took hours, but they were pretty. Thanks for sharing these...


    Sheila :-)

  16. Very pretty. Happy Pink Saturday!
    Virginia :)

  17. They're so pretty and don't look at all like crepe paper!

  18. These are just beautiful and way back..I remember making flowers of crepe paper. Haven't even thought of the craft for years..thanks for bring back some wonderful memories.

  19. Hi, I own the book that you refer to Dennison 1929 How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers. Can you share with me how much you paid for your copy?




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