Sunday, January 5, 2014

Looking Backward and Foreward

 Looking back at 2013 some of it was not very good.  Not sure why I have a hard time blogging about difficult times in my life...but I do.  Thinking about it now it may have something to do with wanting to have people accept and like me.  Good grief I think I'm in a therapy session!  

In January 2013 I started a new eating plan to lose weight by March I'd lost 15 pounds.  One day towards the end of March I told my husband that I felt better then I had for a long time.  Then that very same night an ambulance had to come and take me to the hospital with vertigo so bad I could not stand or move.  Doc's could not find why I had vertigo...I asked could it be my Lyme Disease and they said no.  Well I finally went to a doctor who specializes in Lyme Disease and have been on antibiotics since April.  I think it has helped me but still have some symptoms.  Needless to say I gained the 15 pounds back...plus more!

In June the non-profit I work for (from home) told me they would have to lower the amount they paid me they just did not have the funds to continue with the original amount and they would let me know in November.  My contract was up in December and they decided to make changes to my job description some of  which I was not willing to do so now I have no part-time job.

I did post last year about all the bins I have full of treasures to sell on Ebay  (see post)   That is the only bin I got listed so there are many more to list that can help make up some of the money I've lost from the part-time job. Plus I'm going to sell some crafts I make.

In August my husband went to the emergency room and had congestive heart failure and a-fib.  He had been on medication for this for about 4 years but for some reason he went back into a-fib and his heart was not pumping like it should and that's why he had congestive heart failure. He is doing better now but the doc's are waiting to see if his heart starts to pump better...if not they will give him a defibrillator and maybe a pacemaker.  It's not easy getting old!  Now on to

Some of my thought for this year.

Get on an eating plan and stick to it! 

 If I lost weight I'd have more energy. 

 Lyme Disease feeds on sugar so I must stop feeding it!

Keep listing items on Ebay must make some money
 to supplement our retirement.

Blog more....and be more open about my life!

Warm hugs,


  1. Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment... I appreciate the time you took to check out my Christmas Center post too. I'm so glad you have been there and enjoyed it...what a unique place.
    Hope you have a much better 2014 and can see the blessing in each day we are given...that is my goal this year! Enjoy your week.... ~Jill

  2. That was a lot to deal with and I'm so glad that you are on the upswing of things. Life is hard at times, but with faith and prayer we can get through.

    Wishing you a wonderful and healthy new year!




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