Monday, September 5, 2011

Road Trip to Presque Isle, Erie PA

Seems like all I do is say I'm sorry for not posting...again! We did some interesting things this summer and I never did a post about our "Road Trips" until now.

We went to Presque Isle, Erie PA had not been there in many years probably 4 or 5. The beach area still looked the same

There is something so relaxing just being on the beach even if you don't go in the water.  Visiting Presque Isle brought back lots of memories of being a kid and going there every July for vacation with Mom & Dad and us 5 kids!  I don't know how my Mom packed everything for 7 of us in a Chevy!  I guess they did have big trunks then!  We would stay at a small old motel then go to the beach early every morning and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on the beach.  Boy did we ever get sun burned! We sure did have a good time..really miss those days sometimes.

Warm hugs,

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  1. What a beautiful beach and a lovely memory. (Except for the sunburn, of course.) Yep, I've often wondered how our Mom's did it all back then.



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