Thursday, January 28, 2010

"B" is for Bust

I'm joining up today with everyone over at Jenny Matlock blog for Alphabe-Thursday.  The letter this week is "B". Don't ask me why but bust just came to mind.  Here are the different meanings in dictionary.

Bust may refer to:
· Bust (sculpture), a sculpture depicting a person's head and shoulders

Fertility Goddess
· Bust (magazine), a feminist pop culture magazine
· Bust (sports), derogatory term for a player who is drafted at a high position and fails
· Bust, a word for a woman's breasts
Sports Bra
· Bust, a slang term for an arrest
· Boom and bust cycle in economics
· Going over 21 in blackjack

I'd better start thinking of "C" things for next week!

Warm hugs,


  1. lol bust is for boobs :) I wonder if we are allowed to post boobs?

    Although I like bras too .

  2. A feminist magazine called Bust? I bet there are some young boys out there who got a rude awakening when they read that one! Fun post, and I just popped up and saw your vintage linens, they are beautiful! Kathy

  3. Hi, in the UK bust also simply means broken. I did Blackberrying. it's fun isn't it

  4. Interesting topic! and i love your vintage items, especially the apron, too cute!

  5. Ester, clever post. I enjoyed this fun entry.

  6. Such fun this alphabet series is going to be...it sure gets us thinking. I enjoyed your "B" words...I guess bosom could have gone in there as well!!

    Check out my "B is for Barcelona" - my favorite city in the world - at

    Somehow, McLinky didn't work for me!



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