Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Organized clutter!!

Yesterday I was getting my website ready for the upcoming Christmas Carnival on SaturdayNovember 28th which I'm participating in. Last night about 1 AM I was working on my needle felted Angel Snowman for my giveaway and needed some blue ribbon...it has to be here some where!

Maybe it's in one of the bins - sitting here at my computer I see 4 plastic bins and don't really know what's in any of them except stuff for crafts, Ebay, personal?

Pulled all of this out of the green bin (my favorite way of organizing)
no blue ribbon in there!

More clear plastic bins!

Maybe I bought some at Big Lots

More clear bins

Pretty boxes for ribbon storage

Here's a bag from the church thirft store - everything was 1/2 price paid $1.25 for all these treasures!

Never did find any blue ribbon but I'm really frustrated and unhappy about my cluttered Shabby Cottage. This isn't something that just happened recently but the clutter had gotten much worse since selling on Ebay (inventory!), blogging and my re-interest in crafting.
So today I decided to clean up around here and started a new blog
DeCluttering Our Shabby Cottage

I know something else to take up my time but I'm hoping this will hold me accountable and keep me on track.

So I'd better hurry up and finish my Angel Snowman!

Warm hugs,

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