Saturday, September 26, 2009

Think PINK To Feel Peaceful!

I picked up the 9/28 Womans World magazine and on the 3rd page was a list to "Ease anxiety instantly" and #4 was "Think PINK to feel peaceful". Being PINK Saturday I knew you would be very interested!

Looking at pastel pink is proven to dampen stress
and anxiety by sending calming signals to the brain.
It also defuses anger and aggression...
a reason sports teams often paint the opposing
team's locker room pink,
to keep those players passive and less energetic!

With all the PINK we have here in blogland we must all be stress free!!

Visit Bev at How Sweet the Sound to find other participants this week.


  1. Do they really paint the opposition locker room pink? I do agree the color is calming. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  2. Hi Esther! VERY interesting! I have never heard this before!.. Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you have a wonderful weekend! ~tina

  3. I didn't know this, Esther...how fascinating. I know it gives me pleasure and yes, it is calming. Great post! Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Esther, Being a really big fan of the color pink, you would think that i would know this bit of trivia. I had no idea! No wonder why I love the color so much, it calms me when ever I look at it, and I do believe it sends a really big swoop of happy hormones flowing thru me each and every time I am surrounded by Pink. I love to wear it, love my pink bedroom, well anything pink. Thanks for the comment on my recent post. Always a pleasure to see that you have been by.

  5. Very interesting. Thanks for that little bit of info. Hope your day is filled with pinks.

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  7. Great post, Esther. We all need to soothe our souls.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  8. Such an interesting post! I'm thinking pink right now!!! Thanks!

  9. Oh so true, Esther! That's why I wear pink pajamas! LOL!!

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday!


  10. I think everyone needs a little de-stressing now and then, I find that pink saturday does that for me, and I love it. Happy Pink Saturday and have a great week ahead, Char

  11. G'morn Esther ~ What an interesting fact ... hadn't heard this before.
    TY for sharing.

    Have a beautiful relaxing day. TTFN ~Marydon



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