Saturday, August 22, 2009

PINK Saturday at Disney World

Mini Mouse's House in Disney World's Toontown
So Sweet and very PINK!!

Thanks Bev for hosting PINK Saturday's. Please visit all the other participants at How Sweet the Sound .


  1. Love your style, and adore Minnie's cottage. Maybe when she moves in with Mickey it will go on the market. (teehee) Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Adorable Pinks, Hope you have a Happy Ps

  3. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Looooooove this Toonhouse!
    Who's house is it?

    ~ Gabriela ~

  4. I could live quite happily in a house like that!

  5. What a wonderful choice for Pink Saturday! Your photo made me smile. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  6. Very sweet! Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. I hate to be a broken record, but it's cold and gloomy here today and it rained all day yesterday! Hoping that I can get outside a bit to check out my gardens☺ Pink Saturday is bringing a little much needed and very welcome color into my home today. Thanks so much for participating. It's always so nice to visit your blog and see what's going on.

    Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and everyone you l♥ve. I'm hoping mine will be dry☺

  8. Hi Esther! Hmmm.. Are we SURE that Walt's crew didn't build that sweet little house for ME?.. I'm thinking they really meant for that to be MY house! I think Minnie's house had more yellows in it, didn't it??... maybe a block or two away, wasn't it? (0; No??.. Oh well, fine.. Minnie can HAVE it! Happy Pink Saturday! Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend! ~tina

  9. God bless you this coming week....

  10. My Daughter would love to live in that house...

    If you get a chance, stop by my Blog for a visit and say hi! I JUST put up a New Post...
    Have a great day,

  11. Dear Rooster Party Participant,

    Just a reminder that the Rooster Party is this Friday, August 28th. I am so glad you joined and I'm really looking forward to seeing your Roosters.

    Hope you have a wonderful time!


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