Thursday, June 4, 2009

My FIRST Fertilizer Friday 6/5

Decided to join the fun over at Tootsie's blog Flaunt Your Flowers! This is a picture of the large hanging basket by my front door and yes Tootsie I did my fertilizing this week. You know I've never really fertilized my gardens before so I expect great results and I'll be showing off all summer on Fertilizer Friday!

Thanks so much for visiting today and I love your comments.

Warm wishes,


  1. Hi
    What a beautiful
    basket of flowers,just lovely.
    Thank you for sharing .
    Blessings of joy as you await a summer full of blooms .
    Happy Trails

  2. WOW! I'm gonna have to get fertilizing mine. What did you use?

  3. just fantastiic! wow....I love the different things you have in this basket! thanks for joining in the fun...I do hope you will join again...I can't wait to see what else you have to share!

  4. Very nice combo in the basket. I just came across your blog and really like it! I'll definitely be back. :) -Jackie

  5. Whoa Esther that basket is beautiful. Did you make it yourself? It's huge and I love those big maple type leaves I see in it. That's different!

  6. Hi Esther, came over from Tootsie's. Your haning basket is great!!!! Full of color, and great plants

  7. Beautiful combo! Lookin' good! ~ Robyn

  8. Welcome to FF! Wow! That is gorgeous!! I was late posting (as usual) so if you have time my post is finally up.

  9. Thanks all for the sweet comments! Wish I could say I put this big basket together but I bought it this way. It hangs in the hot afternoon sun so it needs to be big so it doesn't dry out so fast.

    Those green leaves are a sweet potatoe vine which I just love and use alot in pots.

    Hopefully I can keep it looking like this all summer! Esther



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