Saturday, February 11, 2012

This Weeks Favorite "PIN" Find!

I'm fairly new to Pinterest only been doing "PINS" for a couple weeks but there is some really amazing stuff out there in blog land!  Pinterest is really addictive... it pulls you right in and before you know it you have spent hours going from pin to pin.  My favorite "PIN" this week is from ... Suzy Homefaker  she has some interesting recycled planter ideas.

There are lot more ideas on her blog!

Linking to this great blog party:
Warm hugs,


  1. ahahah oh that bra!

    the pink dresser is truly stunning though- i might pin that myself!

    xo em

  2. The dresser is my fav. But, the bra would definitely turn some heads!!

  3. Love that pink dresser too.
    But that bra planter is funny cute.

  4. Wow who would have thought all that would look so fantastic! I love it all, especially the pink dresser and colander!




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